a garden within the wires, not hidden but merely misplaced


After street lamps, the world forgot the humble link boy: a young lad with a candle or a torch, who could be hired for a farthing to light someone’s way home through the darkness. In thieves’ cant, they were known as glym jacks.


You have ended up on the personal website of Jack Glym. I am a writer, pixelsmith and graduate student in computational biology. My current residence is somewhat smeared across much of Europe, depending on the exact time when you are asking. I am busily uncovering the intricacies of complex living systems, and occasionally they fight back.

This web garden is where I keep much of the stuff that I make. Sometimes that is an essay exploring some obscure corner of our reality that I just kind of got stuck on. Sometimes it is an exceedingly silly piece of code. Other times yet, it may be a dark ritual binding an ancient god.

I make things, I could not stop if I wanted to, and now those things live here. Tread softly, do not feed them, and we may both just make it out alive.

If you would like to reach out, check the contact page. You can also find me hanging out on Mastodon.